Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Gift of Bananas

Don't you just love an unexpected gift? Yes, I know, four bananas isn't much, but hey, it's something. You see, there's this new convenience store in the neighborhood and it's not just your average convenience store, it's a drive through grocery store and like other markets they carry produce that when it's not sold eventually starts to over ripen!

Yesterday morning I was heading out to run my errands when I stopped by Seasons drive through market for a diet Coke. The gal that came out to take my order asked if I could use some over ripened bananas. Instantly a picture of banana muffins popped into my head and next thing I knew I had a free bag of bananas.

It must have been a lucky day for our family. When I talked to DH in the middle of the day and told him about my good fortune, he told me that when he had stopped to buy gas and get a soda that the guy gave him his drink for free!
My children were delighted to come home from school to the smell of freshly baked muffins. Of course, since I don't ususally make muffins they started to wonder what was up with mom. Sheesh...can't a mom make muffins just because she wants to? lol!
Last night we went to watch a baseball game. Our friend, Austin, has been playing baseball since he was old enough to stand up to the plate. His hard work and dedication landed him a scholarship to our local university. This is his freshman year, but he's already making quite a name for himself! What a beautiful spring evening we had. Oh, and watching that full moon come up over the mountains was something else! As was the hot dog I had as a late night snack! YUM!
The next few days I'll be heavily involved in a Women's Conference at BYU, so hopefully after that I'll be able to get back to my sewing machine. I have a little kit that I want to get stitched up and need to get going on my class sample for Jo's Little Women's Club. I can't wait to get back to quilting!


  1. Yummy...I'll be right over for a muffin :) What a lucky day.

  2. Be careful--your kids will start expecting fresh baked goods after school! Have fun at the conf. at BYU. My gr.daughter starts there in the fall.

  3. my bannanas weren't free, but definately well marked down, so I'm off to make bannana bread tonigt :-)