Friday, May 30, 2008

A Sweet Tale

Did you remember that I was going to tell you a story about two little girls and two batches of cupcakes? Well, here goes... Once upon a time there were two little girls who were assigned by their fifth grade teacher to do a demonstration in front of their class. Let's call the first little girl "The Chef" and the second little girl "Her Friend". Well, The Chef and Her Friend decided to demonstrate how to decorate cupcakes. After all, that is one of The Chef's favorite things to do. The Chef and Her Friend went through my pantry and decided that they would decorate lemon cupcakes.
While The Chef and Her Friend were at school, I baked the cupcakes.
The secret to this recipe is to add a 3 oz. package of lemon Jell-o to the cake mix and then follow the rest of the directions on the box. This makes a very moist lemon-y cupcake.
The Chef suggested that I add a bit of lemon zest to the frosting. How many eleven year olds do you know that would suggest a bit of lemon zest? That girl certainly knows her stuff! LOL!
Here are The Chef and Her Friend decorating some of the cupcakes for their classmates. They used both a star tip and a round tip.
They left a few of the cupcakes undecorated so that they would have something to demo in class the next day.
Ahhh...look how cute! Little Lemon Heads on top of the lemon cupcakes. Don't they look tempting? Trust me, they were GREAT!!!
But wait! Something's missing!!!
"Mom...would you make aprons for us to wear when we do our demonstration?" "Please?"
Now who could resist a request like that? Not me! So off to Broadbent's I went.
I worked up this pattern as I went along. Yes, I took the easy road and used grosgrain ribbon for the ties. This is The Chef's apron. Her Friend's apron had orange trim with yellow rick rack on the pockets and yellow ribbon ties.
How sweet! Don't you think the pearls add the finishing touch to this delicious tale?!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Heart Break in Happy Valley

What kind of a mother would drag her children all the way to Salt Lake City just to have their sweet little hearts ripped out? This kind of mother, I guess (finger pointing at me). Blondie (left) and her friends are HUGE David Archuleta fans. Let face are all the other teenage girls in Utah. Apparently, those other girls don't know that David A. is my future son-in-law. Blondie may need to inform her future husband about the plans, but first she actually needs to meet him! LOL!!!

When they announced that they would be broadcasting American Idol (and shooting crowd pictures) live at the Energy Solutions Arena the girls were all over that! I sent Blondie a text yesterday during school (yes, I know that's against the rules) telling her that I would take her and her friends to SLC. That immediately caused Blondie to have bladder issues, which meant she "needed to take a trip to the bathroom". (That's code for: she had to go to her friend's class and tell her that I had already gotten her mother's permission to take her to the live broadcast.) Her other friend was in gym class, so she didn't find out until after school. I sure hope her principal doesn't read my blog!
I brought the Ballerina along with me for company. I'm comfortable enough with myself to admit that I probably don't fit in with a trio of screaming teenage girls. But I can drive and they can't!
Obviously, this picture was taken before the announcement that David Cook is the new American Idol. Let's just say that it was a long, sad drive home.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

There's a story behind these fabrics....

.....which should come as no surprise! This is a story about two little girls and two batches of cupcakes.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Long Time, No Post

Boy, it's been a long time since I've posted. So much to say, but so little time! Here's a quick over view of what's been happening during the past month.
This is a picture of Jan, my SIL Cheryl and me. This is the second year that Cheryl and I have helped at BYU Women's Conference. This year we were on hand to assist women who wanted to crochet around flannel receiving blankets while listening to motivational speakers. The baby blankets will be given to new mothers in need. You can see Cheryl working one on of the blankets on my brother's blog.
The Ballerina and I planted some pansies in pots for the front yard and also got a good start on the vegetable garden.
The Ballerina also performed in her school chorus concert and her ballet recital. (Ballet pictures to come.)
I made cupcakes for the Ballerina's 5th grade class. It was her day for "snack bar." The Ballerina was pleased to tell me that she overheard two kids on the playground saying, "[The Ballerina's] mom always brings the best treats!" I wanna kiss those kids! Smooch!!!
I spent a great amount of time trying to coax Blondie into cleaning her room. The problem is that she can't hear me while taking a nap after school. I don't think she could have gotten up to clean her room anyway with Mia holding her down!
We went kite flying at the local park...
while Blondie rolled along on her longboard. [May I insert here that Blondie has flip flops in almost every color. They are her footwear of choice!]
Blondie sang in her last jr. high school choir concert. Now it's on to high school!
We celebrated College Girl's 19th birthday...
...which was a good excuse to make more cupcakes!
And, last but not least, Cabana Boy and I celebrated 24 years of wedded bliss!!! Who are those youngins?!
That's it in a nutshell. Thanks to all of you who sent me emails to make sure I was still alive. With wedding plans and all of the "end of school" activities, we have a lot going on here in Happy Valley. Hugs to you all!!!