Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thoughful Friends

The past few days...okay, weeks...have been extremely busy and full of all sorts of Christmastime festivities. Both the Ballerina and Blondie have performed in their school choir concerts and last Friday and Saturday the Ballerina danced as a soldier ( soldiers dance?) in four performances of The Nutcracker. Now that things have settled down a little, I'm hoping that I can spend some time blogging about what's been going on. Today I want to take a moment to thank a couple of friends for their thoughtfulness. This little quilt is a gift that I received from Eileen. You may remember the little Trip Around the World quilt that I had hanging in this spot from a previous post. Well, I was in a pinch for a quick table center piece and pull the quilt off the wall to use for that purpose. The next day this quilty gift came in the mail and found an immediate home covering the bare spot on my wall. I love red and green and most of my home is decorated in those colors. You can bet that this little quilt will NOT be tucked away to use again next Christmastime. I can display this little beauty all year long! Thanks, Eileen!
I also received a couple of porcelain acorn/oak leaf ornaments from Kim. I had been admiring these particular ornaments in one of the shops that I visited not too long ago, but decided that I'd already spent plenty of $$ on home dec items and decorations. I figured my kids would be less than thrilled if I told them that they weren't getting any presents this year because all my money was gone, but hey...the house sure looks great! LOL!!!
That Kim! She sure knows how to make a gal happy!!! Thanks, Kim!
Here are a couple of other acorn ornaments on my tree. I received this green and red acorn several years back from my Canadian friend, Pat. Looking at this acorn each year reminds me how blessed I am to have such wonderful online friends. I get that same feeling when I look at other items that have come as an exchange or gift.
I bought this trio of gold acorns at Broadbent's several years ago. Actually, I bought a couple of bunches. The six acorns are symbolic of the six members of our family.

I'm off to help at the school for an hour or so. Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of our adventures in pretzel dipping!


  1. Your acorn ornaments are all darling! And Eileen's little quilt is so cute! I think swapping with quilt friends is the best! Merry Christmas!

  2. What a great little quilt. I love your little acorn ornaments. Your tree looks lovely. :)

  3. Those are some very special gifts . . . I try to keep my eye open for acorns and pinecones - they just send me *s*

  4. Lovely gifts for a lovely lady! Love the acorn ornaments - they are so very pretty!
    I am looking forward to "The Adventures in Pretzel Dipping"!!

  5. Hey, you're WELCOME Kairle! I just stopped by to print out your cinnamon almond recipe and saw your post! Of course, I ALWAYS think of you whenever I see acorns and oak leaves! Your tree looks lovely!

  6. Those are some great ornaments you have there. That Kim she is a sweetie isn't she?
    Love the new wallhanging you got too.
    You have a Merry Christmas Kairle.

  7. Love your ornaments and wallhanging....thanks for sharing. Have a very Merry Christmas Kairle!