Sunday, February 12, 2006

Isn't She Lovely?

Last night was the high school Valentine's dance for my oldest daughter. Doesn't she look beautiful? Where this 16 year old got the tall, thin genes, I'm not sure. It certainly wasn't from me! She didn't get her "awsome" hair do from me either. That was done by my friend's 20 year old daughter. You'd think that since I have three girls that I might know a little something about doing hair. Nope! They all want to wear their hair long and straight (except for special occasions like this).

So what did my daughter get from me, you ask? Well, I did make the jacket to got with her dress. LOL! Long before I ever started quilting I used to sew most of my children's clothing. The jacket isn't much, but I have made some elaborate dresses in my days. I was blessed with an outstanding sewing teacher in high school. That was back in the days when they actually taught girls how to sew clothing. Now they learn how to make pillow cases and pajama pants. In 11th grade my daughter is taking her second year of Japanese, learning how to weld and design costumes. She loves it!

By the way...I'm told my daughter gets her smile from me. :-)


  1. Oh she is beautiful! I hope she had a wonderful time at the dance! And I can just see your smile!

  2. She certainly is lovely! Aren't daughters wonderful!

  3. What a lovely daughter! I remember the days when I did most of the clothing sewing for my family too. Every now and then, I buy a pattern, yet to sew myself anything when thrift shops are so flippin' cheap tho.

    Amazing what kids do and do not learn in school now, both amazes and amuses me.

    Best wishes,

  4. She is beautiful and the jacket looks great too!

    Judy L.

  5. Definitely lovely, your daughter, the smile she has from you and the jacket that accents her dress. I bet she got your heart and creativity too.

  6. I LOVE the colour of her dress!! She's got a gorgeous smile too - hope she enjoys the dance :-)

  7. she certainly is a beautiful daughter...and she looks smashing in her dress and jacket!