Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Eensy Weensy Spider

Most people have cats or dogs for pets. We've had our share. We've even had birds and fish. Throw in a couple of gerbils for good measure. She isn't your typical pet, but now we have a black widow spider named Wilma.

Wilma didn't start out as a pet. As a matter of fact, it was last October when our youngest daughter told me that we had a spider in the garage and she was sure it was a black widow. She told me that for three days. Since I don't really care for spiders, especially the black widow variety, I tried to ignore the situation. Finally...on day four I told my husband that he had to deal with the situation. I was thinking that he would go into the garage wearing his big brown boots and stomp on that poor sucker. WRONG! The mighty hunter and trapper catches the thing in a canning jar!

That black beauty sat on my kitchen counter for the next several days as the girls brought friend after friend from the neighborhood to view the poisonous villain. While in the midst of hurricane season, our daughters plucked the name "Wilma" from the headlines and bestowed it on their new fascination.

It wasn't long before my husband decided to throw a pesky fly into Wilma's jar. We all stood around the jar, morbidly intent on watching what would happen next. ATTACK!!! We were immediately hooked! Now we take great pleasure in capturing whatever flying or creeping thing we can find and flinging it into Wilma's jar. How sick is that?!

I have to admit that there are days when I think about taking her jar out and depositing it into the trash just before the men come to collect it. But I just couldn't do that to one of the family! For now she'll keep her spot on my kitchen window sill.


  1. Euwwwww!!!!!

    Sounds like a great science lesson however!

  2. You are truly a brave woman.


  3. heeheehee...reminds me of "Georgette", our HUGE spider at our house in South Carolina. It wasn't poisonous, but it was huge! She had her web halfway across the entrance to our house and everyone was fascinated by her. We loved throwing bugs in the web. It was neat for the kids (adult kids too) to watch. Our mowing service decided it was a nuisance one day and took it down. It was a very sad day. I understand why you get her!

  4. Yuck! We have black widows all over the place here, but we DO NOT make them feel welcome :)

  5. Blech!!!!! I am pretty brave about a lot of things, but spiders and especially black windows really wig me out! I hope I don't dream about Wilma tonight!!!!

  6. I don't think I could sleep in the same house - knowing a black widow was in a glass jar... Ummm, nope! But, I like Daddy Long Legs - do they count? And, I do have a HUGE spider web across the top left of my back door in the summer - I am always fairly careful to duck and not disturb it - I don't use that door all that much. So, yes, I can live with spiders, but not WITH them!



  7. Okay Kairle - this is all old news. How about an update.

    Pat H.