Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Best "Dam" Trip Ever

Last week we went to Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area for my husband's family reunion. His great grandfather was one of thirteen children who grew up in the Uintah Basin of eastern Utah, so we were heading back to his roots.

During the 3.5 hour drive out our daughters were lamenting about what they would able to do that was fun. That's important, you know. Especially if it happens to be your 14th birthday and you're spending a large chunck of it in the car. I assured them that this would be the best dam trip that they had ever been on. Realizing that we'd be staying near Flaming Gorge dam, they offered up a few chuckles.

Here are a few pictures from our trip.....

The surprise birthday cake and the embarrassed 14 year old, as cousins that she has never met sing Happy Birthday to her. Do you love the birthday hat that I bought for her? Yes, it helped ease her pain. Notice that the candles aren't lit? It was too windy. Probably best though, since they could have been the cause of another wildfire in the state.

Here's the base of the dam where we started our 7 mile float trip.

Here's an interesting fact...belowe the dam there are roughly 15,000 fish per river mile. A fly fisherman's dream!

Check out this cool bridge that goes across an arm of the reservoir.

Before we went home we were able to take a tour of the dam. That was actually the girls' idea and we learned a lot of interesting facts. No cameras were allowed, though, so no pictures. :-(

The trip ended up being a success and the birthday girl even admitted that the midnight hike was the perfect was to end her birthday!


  1. Looks like a great day Kairle! Great pictures!

  2. What beautiful girls. I loved the birthday hat.She looked very embarrassed. LOL!!

  3. What a great trip! Glad to see you back and blogging. Can't wait to see what you've been up to as well.

  4. LOl. I misread the first line as Flaming George and thought you'd turned into Alf off Home and Away,lol.

    Your photos are beautiful looks like a great way to spend a birthday.

  5. Sorry Kairle I just realised you wont get the reference in my comment.Home and Away is an Aussie soap opera.
    Maybe some of my Aussie friends will read it and get the joke.

  6. Excellent trip, and v.cute cake, where was that, stashed in the boot?
    I want that hat, bought back rhinestone cowboy memories!
    Did you catch any of the $15,000 + fish? Tracey

  7. just came across your blog from my friend Angela's... I've been to this area, makes me feel funy to see the pix...
    You make amazingly beautiful quilts ! I'm in awe !!! (I don't - I made my first patchwork pillow tonight !)
    And had box seats to Rascall Flatts, you lucky ! Mind you i met Tim mcGraw backstage and was setad first row, not too bad either (and no I don't have a cowboy hats, I own several of them !!!)
    You have a wonderful family - blessings to all of you.