Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm Free! I'm Finally Free!!!

I'm sure you've all been wondering where I have been the past month. Honestly, it's been quite the ordeal. Would you believe that I was kidnapped and held for ransom? My family couldn't (or wouldn't) come up with the loot to free me, so all this time I have been locked in a 4'x4' cell, unable to get out. Well, after an amazing and, may I say daring escape, I'm now free and able to post to my blog.

What?! You don't believe me? Honest. That's what really happened! Really!!!

Okay...I'll confess. I've been busy and I've been a slacker. So now I'm going to try and get caught up.

During the past month I've:

--Been on a trip to Nashville with DH.

--Hosted my amazing sister and her four wonderful daughters for a couple of weeks, which included a shopping trip, of course.

--Attended three different family reunions.

--Taught a quilt class (and made the class sample).

--And all the every day types of things that had to be done.

I'll post some pictures along the way, but I really want to share my great find.

Last week my oldest daughter and I made a trip to the new IKEA in our area. The store opened in mid-May, but I've been strong and didn't venture into the store until last week. No, I wasn't one of those who stood in line for five days to be the first in the store. To me, that's crazy! Besides, I knew that there was nothing there that I really needed so I stayed away...until last week.

You see, I've been reorganizing my sewing room and I needed a new way to store my FQs. Now that definitely called for a trip to IKEA, since they are the king (queen) of storage items. Yippeeeeee!!! Look what I found...exactly what I needed...

At $6.99 each (a good deal if you ask me) I figured I'd start with four of these. I know where to get more if I need them. Now I'm off to my sewing room to get the rest of my FQs organized and ready to move into their new homes.


  1. Everyone loves a bargin and when it's a "quiltroom" bargin it's even better...

  2. Glad you're back...those boxes are wonderful! We're getting an IKEA in October...can't wait.

  3. Great to 'see' you! I love the box, what a fun name it has :-) I will have to go to Ikea and check them out, I've never been yet.

  4. So glad your back. It must have been awful to be tied up like that for all that time. LOL

    What a cool storage box for your fat quarters. I LOVE IKEA!! The wall unit in my sewing room is from there. I was thinking of getting another recently.

  5. What a great "kidnapped" photo! Looks just like you too! LOL! I like those boxes--I may have to venture into IKEA too. I haven't been in ours; I'm kind of afraid I'll get lost. But I hear they serve food--Swedish meatballs--so at least I won't starve.

  6. I hope your kidnappers let you have a sewing machine in the cell with you.
    The boxes are a great find.

  7. oh my--where on earth did you find that picture?

    I figured you were busy this being summer, after all and kids home from school and so forth.

    What cool boxes! If those were not made specifically for fat quarters then they should be marketed that way. My 30s stuff would look great in those!

  8. Welcome back. What a great idea.

  9. Oh Oh, Oh! I'm going to Austin next week....home of a newer IKEA...I LOVE those boxes! You are a bad, bad girl for showing them to me!!!!! Guess I know what I'll be doing one afternoon!

  10. Good deal, Kairle. I love those boxes and need to check into getting some. My FQs are currently stored in plastic drawers. You know quilters never tell DHs about anothers stash.

  11. Oh, no, now I have the desperate need to return to Ikea!! Tracey