Monday, July 23, 2007

Just a Few Photos

My version on Sadie's Quilt from Jo's Little Women Club #6.

Same cute girl, same birthday hat, 'nother party. The birthday girl finally gets a party with her friends. (Do you recognize that birthday cake, Kim?)

Mia, the clean up committee!

I grow a small garden every year. Nothing much...just a few things that we really like. It was overcast this afternoon when I went outside to take the quilt picture and I realized it was a perfect day to take a few pictures of my garden. Please pardon the weeds, it's just been too darn hot to work outside.

Every year I plant one zucchini.....

and one yellow straight neck squash.

Tomatoes are a must! These are a few of the little pear tomatoes that I planted this year. I also grow several Roma tomato plants, but they're not ripe yet. We actually harvested our first pear tomatoes last night, but they got washed in the garden hose and quickly eaten!

Some years I'll plant a pepper or chili. This year it was an Anaheim chili. Pretty mild stuff.

I typically saute' our zucchini and yellow squash together with some onion, salt and pepper OR I steam them in a pan. My friend, Susie, gave me a great suggestion for those zucchinis that get left on the plant a day or two longer than they should. You know...those GIANT ones? Just slice them about 1/2" thick, dip them in an egg wash, then in some seasoned flour and fry them in olive oil. This is how I made them yesterday as a late evening snack. I thought they tasted a little like eggplant, but my cynical children said they tasted like fried squash. Go figure.

That's the end of the show!


  1. Yes, that cheesecake looks VERY familar except mine was a bit mashed up on one side--Pat had to slam on the brakes on the way home! LOL! The funny thing is that for a minute, I wondered how you got a photo of Spike that I'd never seen before! LOL! I can't believe how much Mia and Spike look alike!

  2. P.S.: Love your Jo's quilt--especially the way you fussy cut the one star center!

  3. Well look at you go with the gardening. Go ahead put me to shame. LOL!!! The zucchini cooking at first looked like fried green tomatoes. I got all excited.I'll have to try the zucchini that way.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Joe Morton quilt you did. It's great.

  4. The quilt is wonderful. The food looks great. The birthday girl is so cute.

  5. I love the garden photos...The joe morton quilt is beautiful. Awesome green.

  6. I also thought that Mia looked soo much like Spike.

    Lovw the quilt, Kairle.


  7. Your little quilt is darling - might have to file that idea away for future reference *s* Your garden looks great . . . enjoy it's bounty *s*

  8. Mmmn...fried zucchini -- so when was snack time again?

  9. I laove your qilt. The colors look great.
    Can you send me some zucchinis? They are $10 a kilo (around 2 pounds)here at the moment so I am leaving them in the shop!