Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Ears are Burning

I guess I'd better be careful regarding what I say about my siblings. I never know what my sister might say about me. And to think that she was questioning my integrity!

If you haven't seen my Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom pictures...check out her blog!


  1. Hi, you don't know me but I just had to comment on your Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom photos. I was one of the non-believers who read your sister's blog...

    You are now my idol, and I'd love to come camp out on your front lawn just to say I shared the same air-space with you. (OK, jk, but I think it's REALLY COOL you were in the Bahamas with them at the same time! Enlarge and frame those photos!!)

  2. Wow I am seriously impressed. You had quite the time!

  3. Yes...I am the one who has resurfaced those photos.

    I felt it was past time to tell the Quilting World about your alter ego.

    And no, it is not Martha Stewart's consultant!

    I agree with my buddy, Kari, and suggest you send out Christmas Cards with you and those pirate boys.

  4. Kairle can I come and just touch the hand that touched Johnny Depp AND Orlando Bloom (to die for droool!!!) I am about as green as they get!
    You are one lucky girl!

  5. I believed you! I loved having the chance to drool over those photos once again. I think Orlando and Johnny are both gorgeous! And, you ain't so bad, either, Kairle! LOL! Love the handshake photo with Cabana Boy, too - they look like best buds!