Monday, January 23, 2006

Life is Like a Quilt

One of the things that I love about quilting is that it relates to so many different pieces of my life. This year my alter ego acts as Madame President of our elementary school PTA. Last night I got a reminder call for our council meeting this morning and was asked if I would lead the Pledge of Allegiance and give a thought. On my way out the door I grabbed this quilt that hangs over my entry bannister and took it as my prop to illustrate how a quilt is like working together on a committee. You know...we all come in different colors, shapes and sizes; it takes many people (pieces) to make things happen; when we all work together then the project turns out get the idea.

So I'm curious about other's thoughts...
In what ways do you think that "life is like a quilt?"


  1. How is life like a quilt...just when you think it is easy you hit a "Y seam...All the fun quilts, like families, have one odd block...the more fabrics, like friends, make it more interesting!


  2. Hello happy valley quilter, thought I'd pop over and see where you blog..*VBS* I LOVE your red and tan quilt..or red and white if that is what it is.
    I love red, and have made several red quilts over the years. Yours looks lovely!

    Life and quilts..yes..definitely. Maybe you start with a plan, but that is sure to get changed whether you want it to or not. You start with what you have, are given, or can get ahold of. Sometimes you are happy with those "pieces", sometimes, not. Maybe some can be traded for other pieces. It's your quilt(life), it can be as complicated or simple as you want it to be. Mostly you figure it out as you go, fitting together parts, pieces and a changing view of it all. Quilts are stitched with thread, I believe life is stitched together with love...*VBS* Hugs, Finn