Sunday, March 19, 2006

Daddy and Daughter Time: Priceless

I've already told you what a great husband I have. Well, he's also a great dad. DH has always made it a priority to spend time building memories with our children. A while back, our youngest daughter decided that she was going to start saving her money to buy a cat condo. Now, was daddy going to let his little princess spend her money on such a thing? No! He told her that they could build one together and it would cost A LOT LESS MONEY! I'm sure you can already see where this post is headed.....

Yesterday I came home from watching our 12 year old's basketball game. I noticed when I drove up that the Jeep wasn't parked out in front, but that's the vehicle that our 16 year old drives so I assumed that she had gone to a friend's house. The garage door was open and all sorts of cat condo items were strewn about. When I walked into the house I had a strange feeling that something was not quite right. You know that feeling.

There were no construction noises. No noises at all, for that matter. The house was quiet. It wasn't long before I noticed splattered blood going up the staircase and followed it to the kitchen sink. Was this a crime scene?! I called DH's cell phone. When he answered I told him that I saw blood, but no bodies. WHAT'S GOING ON?! Our 16 year old was driving him to the ER. He had cut his thumb with a carpet cutter. OUCH!!! Good one was dead! No police!

So here's how much we're into the cat condo now:
Parts and accessories: $75
New Ryobi cordless power tools: $185
Trip to the ER for seven stitches: $100

Needless to say, it would have been much cheaper to go buy the deluxe cat condo that they are selling at Costco for $114. They could have even made it a special trip buy stopping to get a burger, shake and fries. Of course, that wouldn't provide fodder for family fokelore. We'll always remember the time that daddy decided to save money by making the cat condo!

Here's the question that begs to be answered: Will those two ungrateful cats even use their future abode?


  1. Good question about the cats even using their future abode after all the labor, injury etc. Since they like little hide-y holes and are nosy beyond belief, I would say yes. Keep us posted.

  2. Time spent working with dad, even though there was an accident. PRICELESS! Just think of the great story and laughs there will be in the future.

  3. Dot JUST said what I was going to say--the memories are Priceless needs to be added to your list. Glad to hear it wasn't a crime scene after all! And he's gonna be okay.

  4. Those kitties better like it! We have a similar story involving pumpkin carving. Does make a nice family story later! :)

  5. I am so glad the cut wasn't worse than it was - it sure could have been! LOVED ths story! Sounds like what always happened to my husband years ago after he decided he could start fixing the car. The first time he gave it a "tune up" - instruction book in hand - it was out of commission for almost a week. And it was our only car! I can laugh now, but I sure couldn't then!

  6. what a looking back funny story...and I am sure the cats will love their condo whenever it actually gets built!

  7. I'm still laughing about this one - an absolute classic! Sorry about the cut - it looks nasty. A great story to tell years from now :-) Men are so funny with their "logic" aren't they! LOL LOL LOL.

  8. OUCH...and love the "PRICELESS" comment! Gotta love dads!

  9. *LOL* PRICELESS!! This is how it goes around here too.....I'm so glad that the thumb is still attached, and all will be okay..but I bet you are going to hate that ER bill!


  10. auuuuchh That looks painfull. I think he is feeling very sad about this all

  11. The cats (if they are like mine) will use it very infrequently and then when you are not looking! When you are looking they will invariably be on an umprella or something equally uncomfortable!

  12. Oh goodness, this sounds like some of our projects. That's how memories are made though! Hope the cats enjoy the condo and hope your daughter is happy that she saved $$! :)

    Judy L.