Saturday, March 04, 2006

Tackling the Sewing Room

Today I plan to March 4th and sort through my sewing room. I definitely need to reorganize and get rid of things that I no longer want or need. I've been putting it off for way too long.

Tonight while my DH is at the BYU basketball game I'm going to work on his surprise birthday quilt. He worked from home yesterday and had no idea that I was working on HIS quilt in the other room. I've got to lay all of the blocks out now but can't do it if there's a chance he could walk in and see it!


  1. Nice picture you put up in your ID box! I take his quilt is supposed to be a surprise, right?

  2. sometimes being sneaky is not so hard! A surprise is always so much fun to pull off-I am sure he will be delighted. I enjoyed the sewing space will have to wait a while longer! too much to get done for now.

  3. How funny, that is the first time I heard that joke & I had to read it twice to "get it." In my family, that is classified as a "dad joke." :o)

  4. Hi Kairle, great joke...I could stand some marching forth...LOL.

    Am excited to see what you have for a suprise for DH..*VBS*

  5. Hope he doesn't read your blog! :)

    When is his birthday? Are you going to get it finished on time?

    Judy L.

  6. March 4th! I love it! LOL Good luck in getting his quilt made without him finding out!

  7. LOL at the youngest was born on March 4th! I have to tell him this one! He'll roll the eyes and groan! ;)