Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gridlock in Happy Valley

The snow has melted in the valley, birds are chirping in the trees, gardens are blooming, children are running and playing outside, and road construction is everywhere!
Yes, I know that our city is growing. Sure, I understand that we need new pipes under the road. Of course, it makes sense that 8th North needs to be widened and the neighboring town needs a new road with sidewalks.
I guess what I don't get is why it all has to be done at the same time. I don't think they could have coordinated it "better" if they had tried. Currently we have construction, with road closures, on three sides of our neighborhood. We're trapped! And even the road that isn't closed is frequently backed up for a quarter mile.
Oh! Did I mention that our neighborhood is being configured with fiberoptic cable? Nothing quite like the sound of jack hammers in the air!

Welcome Spring!

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  1. umm...I'm sorry, really, I shouldn't laugh -- but are you sure you haven't been transported to Illinois -- land of two seasons? Winter and construction? The place that tends to have major construction projects on every major artery into and out of the city of Chicago?