Friday, April 06, 2007

Signs of Spring

This morning my friend, Susie, and I went walking. This is the beginning of our latest attempt to get (somewhat) fit. Our original plan was to drive a few miles to the mouth of the canyon and enjoy the beautiful surrounding as we walked up the jogging/bike path. Well, when we got there we realized that we weren't prepared for the cool morning breeze, especially since sunlight had not yet reached down into the canyon, so we went to "Plan B" and headed back to the nearby park.
This ended up being a great choice! I was taken back by the beautifully blossomed trees that lined the bordering canal. The trees looked as though they were on parade.
The snow capped mountains only added to the beauty. Can you smell the freshly mowed grass?
The sound of buzzing bees filled the air. How facinating to watch them as they worked! Look closely; can you see the pollen that this guy has collected on his back legs?


  1. Beautiful, Kairle! I'm glad you took your camera!

  2. How beautiful the blossoms are and the snow capped mountains....what a great place to walk. I want to come along.

  3. Oh good gracious how beautiful those trees are!!