Monday, August 20, 2007

Do you smell smoke?

How is it possible that I could live three houses away from someone and not know that their home is on fire? My friend stopped by my place last night and asked if I had seen the fire at the Nelson. What?! No. When? Yesterday at 4:30 in the afternoon. Yes, I was home. The only thing that I can figure is that we live about a block (through the field) from a major highway and police, fire and ambulance sirens are pretty much an every day occurance. Have I become immuned? I guess the thing that is most perplexing is that the man who lives there was burning papers in his fireplace. Burning a fire in mid-August?! The good news is that there are a lot of good neighbors who will rally round the family and do what we can to help there family out.

Our two youngest head back to school tomorrow and the two oldest head off to college later this week. Our one last "hurrah" was to take a quick get away over the weekend. We were able to make reservations at a nice resort in Park City, UT. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate like we had hoped, but we did have a nice dinner at Grub Steak (don't you just love the name?) and no amount of rain was going to stop the girls' shopping trip to the nearby outlet mall. I love this barn. We pass it nearly every time we're in Park City. The rain really makes everything look fresh, doesn't it?

Saturday afternoon we went and watched our son play a game of indoor soccer. This is an informal league, but it gives him the chance to get out and use his skills a couple of times a week. It was fun to watch him score four of the nine goals, and even more fun that they won. These are pictures of him playing the goal keeping position. He played keeper during high school, which was also so stressful for his mom to watch. Saturday's game wasn't nearly as "cut-throat" as high school, which made it more enjoyable for me. I much prefer watching him play forward where he can score, rather than gettting scored on.

And finally, here are some Halloween plates that I picked up last Friday at a (very) little department store. Apparently, Broadbent's is the oldest privately owned department store in the United States. Last year a group of friends came for a quilt retreat. Broadbent's ended up being the one place that got repeat visist durning the few days that everyone was here. Not only do they have a quilt shop inside the store, but they also carry a nice variety of seasonal decorations. So my question is...

Is it too early to start decorating for fall? LOL!


  1. Oh, HECK, Kairle! Did you HAVE to post those plates? Makes me want to make a trip to Broadbent's again! LOL! My son used to play keeper on one of his indoor leagues, and I was there for a game once where he came all the way out and scored a goal--THAT was really pretty fun to watch! LOL! Glad to hear yours is still having fun with it--it's great exercise!

  2. The barn looks huge! Pretty plates on the wall.

  3. Love the plates. And heck no it's not too early. I'm thinking about it myself. I love Halloween. So I say dig out your stuff and decorate.

  4. Those plates are very cute. It sounds like a great shop.

  5. I'm thinking that if we decorate for fall - the weather will cool down and act like fall. It's an idea anyway *s*

  6. Love those plates - I don't think it's too early for fall (Halloween)decorations!! Oh, do you have your Halloween bag ready? I think we have a date to go trick-or-treating!!! LOL!!
    Love the barn, too - the rain does make everything look refreshed! Of course, being a Washingtonian, I do love a good rain!
    I'm sorry about your neighbor, but I wonder just like you - why a fire in the fireplace in August? Yikes! I do hope there wasn't much damage to their home, and it is easily repaired.

  7. The plates are great -- but YES it's too early to decorate for fall, I'm not done with SUMMER yet!!! EEEKKK! (and now I need to think about pulling my boxes of Halloween decorations out and what in the world my dd is going to be this year!)

  8. Hard to believe it's time for school again. I love love Park City - we've been there a couple times during the winter. My first visit was also the first and ONLY time I've ever gone skiing.

    What a treat your box of goodies was.