Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school for our two youngest daughters. It's hard to believe that my baby is entering the 5th grade. She couldn't be happier that several of her close friends are in her classes. That is, after all, the most important factor when considering what kind of a school year it's going to be.

K is entering 9th grade. She's feeling totally cool since she made it into the audition choir AND is one of the editors-in-chief for the yearbook and school newspaper. Hey, do you like her eyebrows? I pay good money for those. She's very self conscience about the fact that her eyebrows are so blonde that you cannot see them so a few years ago I broke down and took her to have them dyed and waxed. I don't think I ever had my eyebrows waxed until I was almost 40. My how times change.

And speaking of changing times...what's the rule for iPods at your kids' schools? During the summer I saw a segment on the Today Show regarding this subject. It seems as though most of the schools across the country are completely banning iPods from their campuses. This year our jr. high falls into that group. Not such a bad idea considering that they are so easily stolen. Since I don't have a high school student, I'm not sure what the rule is there, but last year our oldest daughter's art teacher preferred that they bring their iPods to class. Apparently it helps keep the talking down and also helps the kids stay focused on their work.

Now on to quilty stuff.....

Here's a picture of the Halloween quilt that I finished last night. Other than the green chenille, all of the fabrics are from the Scaredy Cat line by Moda. Sadly, I can't say that I'm totally thrilled with the way it turned out. I knew the fabric was very bright and busy (to say the least), so I wanted to use a pretty simple pattern. I've used the Just Can't Cut It pattern before when I made my husband's pheasant quilt. It's ultra quick and easy and works well with large prints, so I thought it would be just the ticket. This is how it was going to look.....

But once I got the blocks made and laid them on top of the focus fabric it just seemed to be TOO MUCH! So off the the quilt shop I went to look for a better option. Maybe I shoulda left it the way it was. Did you notice that I had to unpick and reconfigure all of the original blocks to make the jack-o-lantern fabric work? Thank goodness I had my oldest daughter at home to help me. :-)

And here's our little scaredy cat, Mia, giving the quilt a test run. I think she like it.


  1. Man - They look alike... great quilt pieces... but beautiful girls...

  2. Hey, Kairle, Cute girls, look like their Mother as best I can tell. Your Halloween quilt is cute, I like the bright colors of the season. Good thing Mia liked it since you had a few problems.


  3. Wworks fine Kairle, Did earlier also.
    My those girls are good looking , just like their Mother.
    Now the quilt is another matter. At least the revised version is better.

  4. Looks like everyone is happy about the first day of school - they are beauties.
    Your Halloween quilt looks great . . . once it's been kitty approved, you know you've got a winner *s*

  5. I like the final version alot, Kairle! See, you didn't need my input after all!

  6. Both your girls are very pretty, Kairle - they must take after their mother!
    Love the quilt - you solved your "dilemma" (without Kim's help - LOL) very well. Seems your kitty approves of it, too.

  7. Your daughters are beautiful (and the eyebrows waxing -- sooo much easier than plucking!).

    Oddly enough, even though I love bright and loud and usually go for the pump up the volume another notch or five -- I have to agree with you on the design choice. Something about that cheater fabric was not working for that quilt. It's lovely -- and it will be fun for Halloween!