Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Catching Up

I only have a few minutes to post some picture before I have to run and pick up the carpool, so here goes...

I finally finished my Thimbleberries Month by Month quilt. It's nice to have this top done. All of the fabric, except for the border, were from my stash. It was fun to choose some of my favorite fabrics for this quilt because, like I mentioned before, this quilt will be for me. I've even got the backing pieced. I just need to buy more batting and send it off to be quilted with a couple others.
This little apple quilt is made from a kit that Kim gave to us at our rereat last fall. I've had the top done, but it wasn't quilted. I still have to add some quilting to the border, but that will have to wait until my stencils come out of hiding. Even after searching high and low, I still can't find where I put my stencils when I was reorganizing my sewing room. Does that say something about me? I'm sure it does! LOL!
And here are the promised pictures of the goodies that I bought while visiting Michele in New Brunswick. The second shop that we went to had a deal that you paid $3.99 for as much fabric as you could fit into the baggie.

And this is what was stuffed into the bag. I would guess that there is well over a yard of fabric not too bad! I tried to get pieces that I could cut into 2.5" strips. I also bought a pattern, but forgot to take a picture of it.
These are a pair of earrings that I bought for my daughter, College Girl. I'm having a hard time parting with them and even have them dangling from my ears right now. I guess at some point before the end of the week I need to pack up all of the stuff that I've told her I'd send and put it in the mail. I hope I remember to include the earrings in the package. lol!

[Note to CG: If I forget to include the earrings in the package, it was purely and accident. I promise!]
This is the gift that I brought back for me! Michele's mother has a small collection of these blown glass balls. They come in all sorts of different colors and designs. They look so beautiful with the sun shining through them. I'm still trying to find the perfect window in which to hang this.
And since Kim reminded us that it's Talk Like a Pirate Day, I decided to post a couple of pictures of my favorite pirates! Me matie, Sherry, and I met these scalawags while vacationing in the Bahamas in January 2006.
This was after they had wrapped up a day of filming Pirates of the Caribbean 2/3. What a sight for these landlubber! Arrrrgh!!!


  1. Oh, good to see Johnny Depp again. These pictures show up so much better.

    Nice earrings. Be like me just forget you have them on.

  2. WOW I was saying to myself before I read further down.....jeez that sure does look like Johnny Depp. LOL!!!! And by god is was. He's a cutie huh? I love that glass ball. How did you get that home without breaking it? Love the apple small quilt from Kims kit. And Ilove your sampler quilt too. I think you MUST keep those earrings. Love them.

  3. This is the very first BOM quilt I ever did! I even hand quilted it! It's back when Thimbleberries had the cutting edge for those colors... a classic... just beautiful.

  4. Wow..celebs! They are as cute in person as they are on film! And seem so nice to pose with you.
    I would "forget" to add the earrings!
    Your BOM is gorgeous!!!

  5. Ok, now that I've wiped the dool off of my keyboard (not sure whether it's the earrings, Johnny Depp -- or Orlando Bloom -- dh says it's Orlando though) -- my suggestion for the earrings? Keep 'em. College students don't DRESS for class -- at least around here they rarely do. Make her a nice pair of flannel pj pants -- much more likely to get used and wear the earrings with pride!

  6. It took a long time to convince me those Depp/Bloom photos weren't Because I'm a non-quilter, please take the next opinion with a grain of salt: I think this BOM is my favorite so far of all your gorgeous quilting projects. I just love 'finding' the details of the months, I guess! Now--are you sure you want to keep it for yourself?? At least will it to me??

  7. Yeah, yeah, you just The top quilt looks amazing, Mom, and I can't wait to see that ball myself. Post some pictures of my kitty for me, will you? Or of a quilt you've finished for me! ^__^

  8. Such lovely quilts Kairle. Reading down your post I was thinking ... wow, that guy really is a good likeness for Johnny Depp, and then I saw Orlando too, and realised OMG, it's really them! Wow, you're one lucky girl *vbs*

  9. I love that glass ball too. It would be a perfect gift for my mother in law!
    Those earrings are just too cute to part with!

  10. So glad to see you didn't leave Michele's empty handed! LOL! Love the glass ball! And your TB quilt, of course! Well, okay, I love everything! LOL! Didn't you have some nifty stencil storage place when you redid your sewing room? Seems like there was somewhere under or around the cutting table, but maybe I'm thinking of something else. Hope you find them!

  11. Oh my - I had to wipe the drool off the keyboard after looking at those photos of two of my favorite actors. Cute, cute, and more cute - you are too, by the way!!!
    Love the earrings, too - I would either buy another pair or forget to send them for a very, very long time!
    The glass ball is gorgeous - I love those things!
    Your quilts are lovely, too!!!!

  12. Here I am catching up on your blog and all your lovely quilt blocks, and wam! Johnny Depp pops in the picture! Did you just freak?!
    Looks like you had a great time in Boston too, you little globe trotter!