Monday, September 03, 2007

My Sister, Suz

I come from a large family. Okay, maybe that's an understatement...I come from a VERY large blended family, but in the home in which I was raised there were six kids. For most of our growing up years I shared a bedroom with my sister, Susan. That's a picture of her family that I lifted from her blog.

Suz and I are quite different. She has blond hair, mine is brown. She has blue eyes, mine, again are, brown. She's skinny, I'm...well...not. She's more relaxed and easy going, I'm not so much.

I have to admit, she is definitely the "cool" sister. As a matter of fact, I think my kids would go and live with her if I didn't give them guilt beyond measure. I mean, let's face it...her girls have a Wii. My kids don't have a Wii. They want a me, it has been the topic of many conversations this past week! Aunt Susie's family drives around in a Denali while my kids all jump into a minivan. We're just not cool.

Suz can knit. I can't knit. How come she can knit and I can't?! I want to learn how to knit like my sister. I think knitting is SO cool!

Well, I guess the one thing that I have that Suz doesn't have is a home in Happy Valley. Suz loves Happy Valley, but she doesn't live here. Nope. She has to suffer through life in SoCal. She doesn't get to endure the freezing cold winters and scorching summers. Instead, she lives near Malibu Beach and sometimes buys season passes to Disneyland. Poor, poor, Susie.

At least once each year, usually in the summer, I take pity on poor Suz and let her come to visit. Sometimes I make her family stay with us until they can't stand it anymore and move to a motel. This summer I even made her watch my kids while my husband and I took off for Nashville for a few days. I know how to work the system! Evil, conniving sisters are like that.

Well, my cool sister recently tagged me with some questions and in an effort to be cool like her, here are my answers....

Jobs I have had...

  • Babysitter (isn't that every one's first job?)

  • Page at the city library

  • Drapery maker who was promoted to office manager

  • Data entry supervisor for a military contractor

  • Worked for a temporary agency and was eventually hired full time as an

  • Accounts payable clerk for a steel fabricator

  • Stay at home mom for the past 17 years

Movies I never get sick of...

  • You've Got Mail

  • Pride and Prejudice (all six hours)...hey, my cool sister had this on her list, too!

  • Emma

  • Anne of Green Gables series

Places I've called home...

  • Beacon, NY...was born there

  • Provo, UT

  • Rialto, CA

  • Orem, UT

Favorite TV shows...

  • Today Show

  • Perry Mason reruns

  • the News

Favorite vacation spot...

  • Four Seasons resort on Great Exuma, Bahamas (my favorite vacation ever!)

Favorite web site...

  • Although I visit a lot of different sites that I enjoy, I don't think that I have a "favorite".

Would you bungee jump?...

  • I would have in my younger days, but there's no chance I'd do it now.

Favorite cereal...

  • I'm not a big cereal eater, but I'll take an Einstein's whole wheat bagel (toasted) with sun dried tomato cream cheese on the a diet coke

The last thing I ate...

  • A fresh peach

The last person I talked to on the phone...

  • That would be my daughter, Blondie

What I am listening to...

  • the Today Show

Eye color...

  • Brown

Summer or winter...

  • Spring!

Scary or happy ending...

  • Happy

Tag, you are it...

  • I'm not big on committing someone to do something they may not want to, but if you want to be as cool as my sister, Suz, then it's your turn to answer the questions above.


  1. You sound just as cool as your sister!!! I love all the movies you listed too!

  2. Anne of Green Gables??? Maybe I should take you there to see the real deal!

  3. Whoa, I went to jr high and high school in Rialto, CA! I think you sound very cool and we coulda hung out in Rialto! :)

  4. My sisters are my very best friends. I feel so lucky to have them. I enjoyed your post. Thanks for letting us get to know you better!

  5. A word from the sister...I have been putting off responding to this post because it is just........pretty inaccurate. My Quilter Sister is the most talented, kindest, persevering person I know. We have an amazing mom, but now I find when I'm doing something that could be considered "cool" (or just amazing) I'm just getting one step closer to fitting in my sister's shoes. I'll never get there!

  6. Aaah! I also read what Suz said about you and since I know you, I couldn't agree more, you are special and "cool". However, from your description of her, I think she is pretty special also. I think Mom did a great job with you both and probably the rest of them also.


  7. Treasure your sister. I have three and am not close to any of them. I'm jealous of you and yours. Enjoy each other.

  8. I don't think I could ever be as cool as your sister - my kids don't have a Wii either (despite lots of thinly veiled comments about how cool their friends' Wiis are).