Monday, September 24, 2007

On A Roll

I'm feeling like pretty hot stuff!!! Two village block completed in one day. This is the Washington Ave. House. Have you ever seen a house painted with snowflakes? Neither have I. Still, I kinda like it. With lots of BIG pieces and no half square triangles, this was a quick block to make. I'll admit that I already had the checkerboard section pieced so it went together that much more quickly. Seven down, five more to go!
And here's another one of my fall quilts. I made this in a quilt of the month class a couple years back. It's definitely a knock off of the Thimbleberries Pumpkins for Sale quilt. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get a picture of this quilt that was in focus. I really like the colors in this quilt.


  1. I have always wanted to do the TB Village quilt. And I SHOULD make it especially since I have the block patterns. You inspire me!

    PS... I love your pumpkin/fall quilt. So adorable!

  2. What fun blocks -- and great progress. I bet it feels good to be getting them done!

    Love that fall quilt -- it's adorable.

  3. I didn't even see the snowflakes until you mentioned them..all I saw was texture. It looks great. Your fall quilt is beautiful!!

  4. You've been a busy girl, Kairle! Great job! I admire you for being able to get some of these UFOs done instead of being tempted by new fabric!

  5. I really like your pumpkin and leaf quilt! The colors are so much more interesting to look at... especially for those of us who won't have the real thing to look at outside our windows!

  6. You are just sewing away!!! love the Thimbleberries pieces...

  7. I love your little pumpkin quilt. And the house block too. I love house blocks. I have the Thimbleberry Village quilt to do also. LOL

  8. On a roll, indeed ! This quilt is going to be so lovely !
    Keep doing !

    Hugs & smiles,

  9. Love the pumpkin quilt - the colors are so vibrant, just like the season! Fall is my favorite time of year!
    Love the quilt blocks, too!! Very pretty!