Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cats and Cottages

College Girl asked me to post a picture of her kitty. I think Mia really misses playing out in the backyard with you. Here's the latest funny (or would that be annoying?) cat story...

Two nights ago we were sleeping with the window opened a crack. Around three in the morning I was awakened by a troubled meow coming from outside my window. I figured it was Mia telling me that she wanted to come in. So I got up and went to open the back door. When I opened the door and called for Mia she didn't come running up the stairs like she usually does, but strangely I could hear the bell on her collar jingling. The next thing I heard was a meow coming from above my head. What?! I looked up and there was Mia peering at me from over the rain gutter.

This isn't the first time that Mia has climbed on the roof from the apricot tree that grows next to our home. Usually DH pulls out the extension ladder and goes up to get her, but the last time it happened we weren't home and the girls had to figure out a way to get her down. To Blondie's credit, she came up with a brilliant idea. She took a chair out on the deck and lifted a basket up for Mia to jump in. So that's what DH did two nights ago. Then he locked her down in the mud room! LOL!
Are you getting tired of seeing village blocks yet? I have to admit that I'm getting pretty tired of making them. This block is called Summer Cottage. Only two more to go, and once I get the blocks all put together I'll have another UFO checked off my list.


  1. Looking good Kairle! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Ccute cat story but Id be a little mad for being woke up and having to get something to get her off the roof.

    Great block.

  3. Great progress on the Thimbleberries blocks! Love what you've done (though I can understand getting bored with it :0) ). The cat story made me laugh -- and Ed's story touched my heart! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Another beautiful block! When will it be finished and when can I have it?? LOLOL!!
    The kitty story is a good one - aren't they fun to have around? They make life complete, I think!