Monday, October 08, 2007

Decorating for the Season

I finished up a couple of quilts this weekend. This first one was pretty simple and very quick to make. The focus fabric and border fabric are both by Alexander Henry. Although it's a small lap quilt, I think the fabrics pack a lot of punch! I actually tea dyed the quilt to help tone down the bright orange figures and to give it more of an oldtime feel.
I think you've already seen the quilt top for this quilt made from fabrics by Bonnie Sullivan for Maywood Studios.
This is a close up of the quilting.

Below are some picture of the fall and Halloween decorations around our home.

This sign is on the wall of the dining area in our kitchen.
These sit on my kitchen counter top.
More candy in a hurricane lamp. My son thinks this is one of the most stupid ideas ever! I mean, really, what is the point to having candy if you can't eat it?! Can you see that I've rigged it so that they can't get the candy bars without the candy corn dropping down to the bottom of the lamp? I've made serious threats against anyone who might try to eat the candy bars! LOL! The candles in the kitchen come with less of a threat. I've even been caught snitching the malted milk balls.
Obviously, there is no threat associated with the candy corn in the pumpkin jar. We had a houseful of twenty-somethings at our home for dinner yesterday and I told them the candy corn was up for grabs. Those are "boo bells" in the vase.

I hope my sister won't take it personally when I say that my girls have named our little witch Susie. They must have named her that because she's so cute! (Did I cover myself?)

This is my (somewhat) new front door.
We haven't bought REAL pumpkins yet, so these will have to do until we


  1. Very inviting. Thanks for the tour. I like the quilts. They go with the season wonderfully.

  2. VERY CUTE decorations, Kairle! I love them all!

  3. Your quilts are lovely - the quilting on the kitty one is so pretty, Kairle!
    All your decorations are very cute - I have been wanting that plate for the longest time. Seeing it as part of your decor makes me want it even more! I may just have to buy it, or come back and visit your blog and get my fix until Halloween is over! LOL!!

  4. I love your taste, I love your style, I love your colors, I love your harvestyhalloweenie goodness!

    I have some of that Maywood fabric too, though mine's being held prisoner in the cupboard at the moment (must release it, must release it!). I love what you did with it and I love, love, love the pumpkin quilting you did.

  5. The fall decorating is wonderful Kairle! I really like that you didn't go too over the top or too "cute".

    I think you got the look you were striving for with the quilts. Great block choice for the anvil quilt (the quilting ain't bad either!) LOL.

    I have a 2 year old grandson so I guess I'll have to pile on the "cute" this year and not even think about decorating with candy ;-)

  6. Kairle, your home looks so inviting. The front door looks great. Of course the quilts are neat alsol. Glad you showed a closeup of the one as it looks altogther different. Cute.

  7. I love your holiday decorating! Must get my things out! I am so behind this year. Your quilts are beautiful and your other fall touches are terrific too.

  8. Love your decorations. Good idea with the candy trapped in there. LOL!! I need to try that one so I myself don't eat it.
    The quitls are real cute. Did you quilt that little one with the pumpkin quilting? It's adorable. I love that pattern.

  9. You got some lovely fall decorations. It must be fun doing all the decoration and I love orange. Think I have to go to the shop and buy some orange candlelights.

  10. I have the autumn accents book!!! I gave my Mom the Susan Branch one for Mother's day. I love the fall decorations. I really need the hayride/cider sign... If you ever decide it needs a new home... I adopt it in a heartbeat!!!

  11. Lovely decorations . . . the porch pumpkins are perfect. My porch is in direct HOT sun all day and I can't put real pumpkins out - they just won't last. Everything looks so inviting. You've done a great job.

  12. Oh, your decorating style is GREAT! I wish I had that knack - it IS something that I have been working on, seeing that my Little Boy is 4 years old now and just delights in seasonal decorations.



  13. I am so jealous of all of you that have a real fall. Here, we have summer and well, ugly summer. We don't get the fall or spring in my memory. I don't even remember that it is this time of the year because my clues never, crisp weather, the smell in the air, leaves on the ground...sigh! I love all of your decorations. Enjoy, Enjoy! Send some cool weather my way too!

  14. Well, I must say I have not taken offense as part of 'me' is sitting amongst such an adorable house! Absolutely, positively inviting! How dare you go shopping for all that cute stuff without me. I'm totally serious when I say you need to plan a trip here (free bed-and-breakfast!) and imbellish my home. BTW--did Becky do your quilting on the cat quilt?

  15. Your place looks wonderful. I would love to sit and drink hot apple cider and chat there! Or quilt!!! :)