Friday, October 19, 2007

It's my birthday!!!

So now I finally know what it feels like to be 45! LOL! It's a fact that Father Time has slowly been creeping up on me for quite some time now. For several years I've been paying my hair dresser to cover the gray in my hair and for at least five years I've been wearing reading glasses. During the past couple of years my vision has become so bad that I can't even read a price tag or see who's calling me on my cell phone. I'm not taking this "age thing" like a sissy, though. As a matter of fact, I'm fighting back! Next week I'm having LASIK eye surgery to help correct my vision so that I will at least be able to look at fabric and patterns in the quilt shops. I'll still pretend that I can't see the prices on the ends of the bolts as they go higher and higher!!!

So far it's been a pretty nice day. My friends and I went on our twice weekly bagel excursion to Einstein Bros. They gave me nice gifts like jewelry, peanut M&Ms and a gift certificate to a LQS. They're the greatest!!! Afterward, I stopped and had my nails done. They were starting to look pretty shabby, so this was a much needed (and much deserved, I might add) treat.

I just got a text message from College Girl telling me that she's heading home in less than an hour. I'm so excited to see her. She was last here over Labor Day weekend so it's been a while. This is her fall break, so she'll be here through Monday. Since I'm pretty sure that College Girl won't be reading my blog before she leaves it's probably safe to show you the quilt that I've been secretly making for her.

A few weeks back I got a text from her saying that she was freezing and needed a quilt. I guess a good mother would never have sent her DD off to college without a quilt, but what can I say...I'm somewhat of a slacker, I guess. So now when she arrives home this evening she'll have her own quilt to take back to her dorm.

This Turning Twenty quilt is made mostly from Fresh Cut fabrics by Heather Bailey (chek out her blog). I simply love the colors and designs. And I know that College Girl will love her new, very own quilt in which she can snuggle all winter long!!!

Tonight, after all the kids get home, we're heading out to dinner at our favorite tepanyaki steak house. It's been a long time since we've been there so I'm really looking forward to it.

Now I'm off to pick up the girls from school. Have a great day!!!



    My very best wishes to you.
    Enjoy your evening, together with the family !

    Big, special ((HUG)) & smiles !

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday! College girls quilt is wonderful!

  3. Happy Birthday, Kairle, you young thing, you!! Congrats on the Lasik! My son had it done a couple of months ago, and just loves his "new" eyes.
    Love the quilt for Ms. College Girl - it's very pretty!!
    Enjoy the rest of your special day, my friend!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    Sounds like a fun celebration, I know you're going to have a great weekend!
    The quilt's really cute and looks like it was fun to make. But, I'm not so sure I like this new trend your starting of giving the kids presents on OUR birthdays..LOL ;-)

  5. Happy Birthday Kairle, here's to many more! What a beautiful quilt you made, the fabrics are just gorgeous!

  6. I can't wait to hear how college girl liked her quilt! No doubt she'll love it. I just checked out Heather Bailey's blog. Neat stuff! Where ever did you get your fabric?

    Hope your weekend is wonderful . . . as wonderful as you!

    Happy Birthday from Richard, Nick, Ryan, Megan and Nathan also.

  7. Happy birthday...College Girl's quilt is gorgeous!!




  9. Happy birthday again Kairle! I didn't know you were having the lasix surgery--that's cool! I can't see much either without my reading classes, but I hadn't thought about surgery. Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

  10. Happy Birthday Kairle! Your post read like I could have written it, plus 1 year added to it. Just yesterday I succumbed to reading glasses on top of my head as an all day thing. Yup... it's starts at 40. I like the idea of not being able to read the new high prices on the ends of the blots.

    Extra wonderful that you get to have your baby home to help you celebrate! Oh so happy!

    PS... I bought about a dozen $1 reading glasses at Target yesterday. What a deal... check out your Target "dollar bins".

  11. Oh No, Kairle, I missed your birthday - I'm sooooo sorry! I'm sure your family helped you celebrate and enjoy. 45 - sigh - still so young! LOL

    I must sing to you!

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday, dear Kairle,
    Happy Birthday to you.

    A bit off - sorry!


  12. Happy Birthday you sweet young thing! Sounds like lots of fun and neat gifts from your friends! CG will love her new quilt! Be well!

  13. This is really beautiful. I love HB fabrics and her blog too. Great quilt here.

  14. Happy birthday! Great quilt for your DD's dorm room - I'm sure she will love it! And one of my friends had that surgery and loves it - he likes to sail and no longer has to constantly wipe the salt spray off his glasses!



  15. Happy belated birthday Kairle. Hope you enjoyed your day and daughter's visit. I loved the quilt you made for her. Friday was also our son's birthday. He turned 19. We took him out to dinner.

  16. That is one VERY CUTE quilt! I can hardly believe she didn't take any other quilt to school....?! Happy Belated birthday. As a sister, you rate better than Marcia Brady. Ha ha

  17. Happy Birthday . . . welcome to the club *s*

  18. Happy Birthday to ya!!! Sorry I'm a couple days late but still wish you a happy one.

  19. Happy belated b-day!!! Sounds like you have been very busy! I love your daughter's Fresh Cut quilt -- those fabrics are just so beautiful, I'm sure she loves it!