Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pumpkin Picking Prize

Look at the pretty princess in the pumpkin patch!
Each morning on the way to school we pass this delightful home. In the springtime the gardens are filled with bright and beautiful flowers and in the fall the yard is filled with pumpkins. You can see that even in the fall that the gardens are lovely. (And did you notice that the snow still hasn't melted off of the mountain?)

In the top picture it looks like the pumpkin princess is standing in the middle of a huge pile of pumpkins, but in reality the pumpkins are in three long piles that reach from the front of the house out toward the sidewalk. The different sections are different prices. The first section that you see (toward the front of the picture) has the $3 pumpkins, the next section back is for the $2 pumpkins, and then the smaller $1 pumpkins. You can't see the $.50 pumpkins 'cause they're too puny. The second picture has the $4 and $5 pumpkins and a deer that's not for sale. :-)
Now that's a happy pumpkin picker! Isn't she cute?! We got three of these $3 pumpkins.

I just love this antique truck that is part of the display.
Look...the pumpkin princess is picking puny pumpkins! She picked four of those and then went back for two of the $1 pumpkins.
These are the ghost pumpkins. They were only $3 each so we bought two.
This is a cabbage that is growing in the garden. Like the deer, it's not for sale. Or at least I think it's not. Maybe I should have asked.
This wagon is filled with squash. I bought one of the yellow spaghetti squash for $1. I probably should have bought two since my family loves spaghetti squash so much. I think I may go back for another one next week.

While we were picking pumpkins, one of my daughter's assignments was to figure out the total amount that we were spending. If you can figure out how much money we spent on pumpkins and squash then post your answer in the comments section. If you have the correct answer then your name will go into a drawing for the Perfect Autumn Pumpkin scented anti-bacterial soap by Bath and Body Works. The contest ends on Friday, October 12th at midnight. Good luck...and no fair cheating off your neighbor's paper!!!


  1. You spent $20... (which probably explains why you didn't get the second squash) ;-)

    Couldn't see all the photos so I'll have to try again later. I did see ballerina girl and what a cutie she is!!

  2. All those pumpkins. I did not know there were gost pumpkins....funny.
    And that soap. CUTE. Will do really nice in my bathroom.

  3. You definitely spent $20.00. I love the pumpkin Pics.

  4. Yep - I'm right on board with one Andrew Jackson . . . a quick stop at the ATM and then right to the pumpkin patch for a selection of $20 worth of autumn festive-ness *s*

  5. Looks to me like you shot the $20. Nice pumpkins and the Princess is so cute.
    Linda Z

  6. Well I think you spent 20$, right ?

    BEAUTIFUL photos ! We don't see such nice pumpkins here, in Belgium... I like ALL of them !

    THANKS for showing.

    Hugs & smiles,

  7. Love the photos of your pumpkin princess! The antique truck looks so cute with all those pumpkins, doesn't it? What fun! I totaled your purchases and came up with a whopping $20!
    The spaghetti squash is making my mouth water - it is one of my favorites!

  8. My answer? You didn't spend enough! That's based on the theory that you can never have enough pumpkins! LOL!

  9. Ccute post Kairle, Looks like the pumpkin crop was better there than here. You spent $21. Good customer. Guess those pumpkins will replace the ones on your front porch?

  10. You spent a total of $20.00. That soap in the pumpkin bottle is adorable. Love your blog!

    Amy F.

  11. Promise I didn't peek - $20.00. What beautiful pictures and what a wonderful and pretty pumpkin princess. Love your photos and I'm glad I found your blog!

  12. I did peek, but then went back and counted for myself. Isen't that traditional Homeschool teacher?? I added $20.00

  13. By my primitive calculations I reckon on $20 - am I right? Those ghost pumpkins are a gorgeous colour - we only really get the usual orange ones over here in the UK

  14. I counted up to $20 also. Glad I clicked my way to your blog, it's awesome and be still my heart, you have a picture with Johnny Depp, I'm so jealous!;-)

  15. The pumpkin princess is so pretty!

  16. You mean I could have cheated, but was too lazy to peek? I love the smell of that Pumpkin soap! I think you are really an advertising exec for Bath and Body Works. I'm betting I'm not the only one reading this blog and thinking I'm going to my store ASAP to get my own. Way to go--Nadine!