Friday, March 23, 2007

1-800-Man Answers

Is it just my husband or are there other men out there that have an answer for everything? I don't necessarily mean the right answer...any answer will do. It's gotten to the point where it has become a big joke in our family. If one of our girls asks a question to which dad gives a questionable answer they always ask, "Is that a man answer?"
In our house a man answer leaves you scratching your head, wondering, "does he even know what he's talking about?" The appropriate response from the girls is, "Dad, did you call 1-800-Man Answers to get that information?" Like a tall tale, the man answers get bigger and better as the years go on.
Poor DH! During the past two years, while our son was living in Mexico, he was the only man in the house. I can't imagine that it's easy being the only guy in a household of girls. Perhaps his man answers have become a matter of survival. Certainly a source of entertainment!
I got a big kick out of the Pickles comic strip this week. Apparently, Earl has a direct line to 1-800-Man Answers. LOL!


  1. My husband is definitely the same. He comes up with some very questionable theories.
    Its also like when you can't find something in our house. My answer is did you have a boy look or a girl look. Girl looks usually manage to find things. Boy looks don't go past the end of their nose!

  2. I love Pickles too..check out my blog for a fabric one...hehehehehe