Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mission Complete

I almost forgot...this is supposed to be a quilt blog. LOL!
A couple of weeks ago I challenged the members of an online group that I belong to to pull some of those swapped blocks off of the shelf and make them into a quilt. To me it kind of seems funny to collect finished blocks and not make them into tops. Even funnier is that I've had these 12 Thimbleberries Pansy Park blocks sitting on my top shelf since the fall of 2002.
This morning I finally got the last border on. One of the reasons that it has taken me so long to finished is because I've kind of fallen "out of love" with this quilt. Regardless, I decided to push forward and get 'er finished up.
Now I'm going to go and work on a project that I really WANT to do!


  1. I still love it!
    My top is not done!
    You know my address!

  2. Seeing yours sure inspires me to find my "kit." Nope, mine's not done either. You know my address too, and I live closer! LOL!

  3. I can brag as I have Pansy Park finished and quilted.......but only because I had to. This was a BOM in 2002 and as I said It had to be done to show everyone interested what it looked like. But it is a very big quilt and there was a sigh of relief when the last stitch went in!!