Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Preparing for Spring

Yesterday I worked on my Buggy Barn Spring Fling quilt. This is the first Buggy Barn quilt that I have ever made. I have admired the pattern for quite some time and I've actually had this quilt cut and ready to sew for about a year. It's nice to make progress on a project that nagged at me every time I walked into my sewing room. I'm still trying to decide whether or not to add a border.
I like the Thimbleberries Berry Patch fabrics that I used to make the blocks, but I don't like all of the wasted fabric from this type of pattern. I guess that's a trade-off for the simplicity of the design.


  1. You've Megged me Kairle! Had to pop over and order the book from Buggy Barn--and, of course, you made that easy for me by providing the link! LOL! Okay, so I bought TWO books while I was there--the one with your pattern and another. Well, your quilt was just so cute, I couldn't help it! I think I would add a border, but I'm not certain either! Great job!

  2. Ah yes... but just imagine how much fun the cat will have with that pile the minute you turn your back on it! lol ;-)