Thursday, March 15, 2007

Welcome to the World, Addy!

After reading Patty's post about the arrival of her friend's new grandbaby, I just had to share our good news.

Late Saturday night (eight minutes before midnight), Addison Grace entered the world!

Addy is my oldest brother's first grandchild; my niece's daughter. As a matter of fact, she's the first grandchild born to our family. We've all been anxiously awaiting her arrival and now she's finally here! She's even cuter in person than she is in the picture.

That's my brother in the picture. Doesn't he look proud?


  1. Congratulations Kairle! What a beautiful name... it fits her.

    Time to go shopping for pink fabric! ;-) Although with 3 daughters of your own, I'm guessing you have a piece or two in your


  2. Very cute little girl--alert too! And your brother looks much too young to be a grandpa! Or maybe I'm showing my own age? LOL! Congrats, Kairle!

  3. She looks beautiful! Congratulations to the new family. Baby girl quilts, clothes, doll stuff....what fun!