Saturday, January 05, 2008

"So, where would you like to go to dinner tonight?"

Yesterday afternoon my husband asked me if there was somewhere that I would like to go to dinner. Somewhere that serves something "healthy". I think after all of the rich and sweet foods that we've been eating during the holidays, we were both craving something with some redeeming nutritional value.

Did I have any ideas? Well, of course I did! I was thinking about Sweet all you can eat salad bar. They also have a great selection of soups, breads, pastas and such. The only drawback to going to Sweet Tomatoes is that it is some distance from our home. Was that a problem? No. Actually, it was part of a well devised plan.

Yesterday (and today) was open house at Quilts, Etc., and all of their novelty fabrics were 30% off. I have been wanting to make a "movie night" quilt using all sorts of yummy foods, snack, and munchies fabrics. I guess I should mention here that Quilts, Etc., is just down the street a ways from Sweet Tomatoes. We'd be killing two birds with one stone. I didn't even have to "trick" my DH into going. I fully disclosed my plan and he went along with it! Oh, happy day!!!

I got a good start on my collection of fabrics. Today I've been searching online for pizza, popcorn and hamburger fabrics and found a great source. I need 12 FQs in all, so I'm well on my way!
They also had all of their pillowcase kits (that were leftover from Christmas) on sale for $4.99. I picked up these two matching flannel kits made from the Thimbleberries Christmas Street line. Kim already suggested I get them made up so I'll have a good start on Christmas gifts for next year. Great idea! LOL!
And last, but not least, I picked up these two fabrics which I'll use to make a drawstring bag for Blondie's dominoes. Santa put a box of double twelves in her Christmas stocking (do any of you like to play Mexican Train?), but we've already decided that it's a big hassle to organize them into the box and figured that a drawstring bag would be just the ticket.

Well, after leaving Kim's house, the first punch of the big storm went around Happy Valley hitting both north and south of us, but we're bracing for rounds two and three. I hope the rest of you reader in the western U.S. are making it through the storm without too much trouble.


  1. Those fabrics are just yummy!

  2. Great minds think alike . . . Hubby and I lunched at Souplantion (Sweet Tomatoes name in so.Cal) yesterday *s*
    Looks like you are collecting a yummy bunch of fabrics.

  3. Great idea for a dominoes bag, Kairle! What's Mexican Train? Stay dry!

  4. Cute fabrics, Kairle, hope you can find the rest that you want.
    That was good thinking on your part to suggest that resturant and save you going back clear out to shop by yourself, As long as John doesn't mind shopping in a fabric shop.

  5. Movie Night is a cute idea Kairle. I like your munchie fabrics. And a start on Xmas 2008 wow. Now that's a winner.

    Linda Z

  6. Salad bar and quilt shop. What could be better? Love that cupcake fabric you got.

  7. Hi! What a lovely blog! Lots of inspiration! Don't you just love patchwork shops?

  8. We like Mexican Train dominoes, too.

    Are there any particular colors or foods you want for your movie night quilt? I happen to have an I spy stash.


  9. A munchie quilt! How fun! I will watch with my mouth open just for luck! Love that 30's quilt for Gracie! Stay warm out there in the Rockies!

  10. What a wonderful idea for a quilt! I want to make one now! What pattern are you going to use? Love all your purchases. Nothing better than food and a visit to the quilt shop!