Monday, February 11, 2008

Pageant Girl

This past weekend our family took a quick get away to southern Utah. College Girl has been preparing to compete in the Miss SUU pageant and last Saturday was the big event.

College Girl was amazing and did extremely well. For her talent, CG, a black belt, performed an unforgetable Tae Kwon Do form set to music. She answered her on stage questions completely and without hesitation and looked stunning in her evening wear. Unfortunately, the judges did not take our unbiased opinions into consideration and College Girl did not walk away with the crown. Of course, her brother, Soccer Guy, is certain that the pageant was rigged. LOL!!!

All in all, CG said it was a great experience and is considering taking the things that she learned in her first pageant and applying them to compete again next year.

Way to go, College Girl...we're SO proud of you!!!


  1. Wow, Kairle! Do you feel like the mother of a celebrity? What is SUU? Southern Utah University? Just a guess.


  2. I'm sure that was a wonderful trip for the family. CG 's picture is terrific, She is beatuful just like her Mother.

  3. Wow, she is gorgeous!! I vote for her. I think that her unusual talent should have been some extra points for her.

  4. You should tell CG to use her pointy weapons for the next pageant (called size?). Nothing is cooler than a beautiful girl wielding weapons with ferocity. But maybe pageant judges aren't so easily woo-ed?

    She's always going to be a winner, isn't she?!

  5. That is so cool! I would have loved seeing her perform! What a cool kid!

  6. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! She would have gotten my vote, especially with actually having a great talent. :o)