Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sappy Birthday, Susan!

Today is my sister, Susan's, birthday. Isn't she a cutie?! She's the younger, skinny sister in the family. Susan is about 3 1/2 years younger than I am, so that would make her....ummm....26!
Here's Susan and her daugther last summer when we were camping. Suz was making homemade ice cream. Ever the popular aunt!

When I was looking for pictures of my sister, I realized that I didn't have very many recent pictures of her...or of the two of us I took a vow to take pictures of US when we're together this summer.
Okay...being the evil sister that I am, I couldn't resist posting this picture. Do you get the feeling that Susan was unhappy? I don't look too thrilled either (but at least I wasn't!). This pictures was taken in our living room just before our ballet recital. I think it was shortly after that that Susan quit taking ballet lessons. LOL!

You can see some adorable pictures of her when she was younger on her blog.

Happy birthday, Suz!


  1. The sad face must be because her bun is pulled back toooooo tight! Actually, it was probably her evil, big brother that made her cry. I'm glad that mom never made me wear one of those outfits with tights. Except for the sad face, you both look stylin'. Happy birthday Suz, your evil, big brother!

  2. I'm so ROFL right now!! (catching my breath)) If I didn't even know this was about me I'd be so sad for the pitiful ballerina. And if I remember right, YOU bailed on ballet before mom let me leave. I have so many issues to deal with at the moment!

    I should be really, really angry with you (and Karl's comment above), but this posting totally made my day!!

    I think you should stick to blogging about quilts from now on.

    Love ya too...

  3. Happy Birthday to your little sis. Why is it the little sisters are the skinny ones????? Not fair!!
    I love that ballerina photo of the two of you.

  4. Not all little sister's are the skinny one's. I am the little sister and I certainly don't consider myself skinny. ROFLOL

    She is not one bit prettier than you, Kairle. I hope that you are feeling better.

  5. Oh my goodness susan. Soory, I did laugh a little bit, but I did not ROFL ( I had to ask Michelle what that meant). I don't think your girls are taking dance classes, hmmm, I wonder why!

  6. Cute pics, Happy Birthday Susan

    (I have a sister Susan, too)

  7. Thank you Susan's sister for posting such a sad little ballerina. The Suz I know is always so happy and bouncy, this picture made me chuckle several times throughout the day. It is precious!

  8. There's nothing like a sibling to keep you humble - love the sad face on your sis! It's a good thing she loves you!! LOL!!
    I hope she had a wonderful birthday!!