Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Zion National Park

Okay...I'm going to subject you to one more day of vacation slides. LOL!

After the pageant on Saturday evening, we snagged College Girl and her best friend and headed back to my aunt's home were we were staying in St. George. It's amazing how many people you can cram into a small, two bedroom vacation home. Eight of us in all. Lots of kids sleeping on couches and on the floor, but everyone had a great time.

On Sunday morning we located a chapel and we all went to church together. Afterward we returned to my aunt's home, loaded up the van and Jeep and headed out. Our plan was to make a trip out to Zion National Park "on our way home." Zion is actually an hour out of the way, which added more than two hours to our drive home. It's been many years since we have been to Zion NP, so we figured it would be a great experience for our kids...and it was!

You'll notice a lot of snow in the pictures. The canyon walls are so high that very little sun hits the canyon floor. With all the snow, we felt like we were right back in Happy Valley...not southern Utah. Good thing I threw a couple of quilts for those who didn't bring coats. LOL!!!

We had a wonderful trip, but it sure was nice to get home. Although our children love each other and love being together, sometimes that much "togetherness" can start to wear on a mother, if you know what I mean. LOL!!! The picture of all of the kids smooshed into the back of the van speaks volumes. We actually had two vehicles, but left College Girl's Jeep outside the park so that we only had to pay one admission fee. lol!

That's it for the vacation photos. Yippee, you say? LOL! Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have some quilt related pictures. :-)


  1. DH and I really enjoyed the pictures. You certainly have cute kids and Mom & Dad aren't to bad either. Tell College Girl not to give up on pageants. Our Miss Indiana was in the Ball State University three times before she won and went on to be runner-up to Miss America. Her first win was Jr Miss for our town.The scholarships are wonderful. She said now she has the best of both worlds. Winning & Losing.

    Linda Z

  2. You know how much I love seeing Utah! Love the slide shows! So glad you posted them. Looks like you had an awesome trip!

  3. Zion Nat'l Park was where I first realized my teenaged son had a soul. He was in awe of the scenery. It was wonderful, of course, but to me, seeing my son enthralled was something I will never forget! Glad you had a nice trip. Oh, and the kid turned out good in the end! Ha!

  4. Zion National is one of my favorite places. Thanks for sharing the pics. Needless to say, you have a very attractive family.

  5. Zions is so lovely! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  6. Wow -- thanks for the pictures! Zion is my boys' very favorite National Park and we try to go every time we get to Utah. They're very favorite is hiking in the narrows -- SO much fun! I've never seen it in snow, so I really enjoyed your pictures!

  7. I am way behind in blog reading, and you have certainly been a busy girl! I thought your vacation photos were quilt related, since two of the girls had your lovely quilts wrapped around them! Such a good looking family, Kairle! Anytime you want to show vacation pics, you just go right ahead! Utah is a beautiful state!